Art of the Hunt: Crookshollow Foxes II

  Buy now on Amazon for $2.99, or read in Kindle Unlimited for FREE! The evil wolf Isengrim has Raynard Hall surrounded, and he’s moving in for the kill. Billionaire artist and fox-shifter …
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Art of Cunning: Crookshollow Foxes I

  Buy now on Amazon, or read for free in Kindle Unlimited! Alexandra Kline has landed her dream job – curating her first art exhibition at the prestigious Halt Institute in the small Englis…
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The Man in Black: Crookshollow Ghosts

  Love so fierce it transcends even death. When Elinor Baxtor arrives at the dilapidated Marshell House to settle the estate of her law firm’s oldest client, she can’t help but feel a…
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Coven: Witches of the Woods II

Pre-Order on Amazon for just $2.99! Dark Secrets: Forbidden Love Ada and Ulrich have fled from the persecution of the village, but now a more dangerous threat awaits them in the forest. Ulrich’s…
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Witch Hunter: Witches of the Woods I

Buy now on Amazon for just $3.99! Europe – 1351. Centuries ago a curse was placed on Ada’s family; every seven days a woman from her line must sleep with a man – any man – or the entire …
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Reaper: Crookshollow Ravens 2

Can love truly set you free? Kidnapped by Cole’s cruel master, Victor Morchard, Belinda is being held hostage in the crumbling Morchard castle. Here she discovers just how deep his hatred for Co…
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Watcher: Crookshollow Ravens 1

Can love truly set you free? Belinda Wu is in trouble. She’s just one bad day away from losing Bewitching Bites bakery, the business she built from scratch. The 80-hour weeks, the assistant who …
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Steffanie Holmes is an USA Today bestselling author of steamy historical and paranormal romance.

Fans of sexy fox shifters and sassy heroines will love the Crookshollow Foxes – this short paranormal romance series will have you howling for more. Or, transport yourself into 14th century Germany for a forbidden romance and some hot dungeon action in Witch Hunter – the first novel in the Witches of the Woods series.

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