Coven: Witches of the Woods II

Ada and Ulrich have fled from the persecution of the village, but now a more dangerous threat awaits them in the forest. Ulrich’s father, Damon of Donau-Ries, has heard of his son’s betrayal. Now, the world’s most formidable witch hunter marches across Europe in search of his heretic son, and the witch who turned him against God.

While Ulrich fights against, Ada faces her own battle. Her magic abilities have finally shown themselves, but she , Ada learns she is more powerful than she could ever have imagined, but also a danger to herself and to everyone she loves.

Coven is a full-length novel with a cliffhanger ending, part 2 of a 3-part steamy romance series exploring Ada and Ulrich’s forbidden love. The story contains elements of BDSM and dungeon play. If you like dark, brooding heroes, magical forces, and fearless heroines who know what they want, then this novel will have you shivering all over.

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